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Friends of the LCI-713,

Our ship is looking pretty darn good, but there are several items that we still are in need of to finish up the job. If you know where we may find any of these items, please let us know or if you’d consider donating the item or cash equivalent to purcase, even better! Our purchase dollars are limited, but we try to buy if something of great desire comes available

Thank you all for you continued support of our group!

Rick Holmes, AFMM President



Flat deck barge to borrow, lease or own in lieu of dry-docking. Minimum 160x40. Would be returned or sold after completion of our replating project.



15kw( Or more) diesel generator in good running condition.(Not pictured)




Shafts and props for our 12v71 Detroit Diesel engines. Specs call for a 46” 3 bladed prop, but an LCI original appears to be 42”. Contact us for details.




#2 torpedo binnacle

The #2 compass has a card (the face with the compass points) that is 6.75" in diameter.  The #1 compass (which we don't want) had a card 7.5" in diameter.





WWII Berger Fairlead

Photo of a fairlead  found at The housing is a little different than the one on the LCI and I don't know its size. The type of fairlead we want is a "deck mounted balanced head fairlead" .  Which specific model was originally installed is still unknown. Berger is now known as Smith Berger and are still in Seattle.  There current inventory suggests that our fairlead would be the size of their current models MD 610 or MD 612.




20mm Gunmounts(4) - 20mm Orelikon Cannons(3)

Clipping machines for the 20mm Oerlikon

Steel 'protection' plates for 20mm mounts



signal blinker gun



.45 cal magazine with dummy ammo




03 A3 1906 Springfield  non-firing (1)



Loading frame for 20mm magazines (7)



Magazine lever and hold down wedge for 20mm magazines



M-1 Thompson .45 cal replica machine gun with stick magazine



Line throwing gun with case and accessories  48-70 non-firing



US Navy 750# Danforth Anchor



Portable water fountains (5)



Fire main sea strainer 1 1/2" npt (5)



Electrical armored cable 10, 12, or 14 gauge 3 conductor



Louvered metal doors with egg shaped knob (2 1/2)



Cables (4 lengths), turnbuckles (8 brass), rope, canvas for weather tops



Coffee Pot



Phone 021

Bayard Winch





Clayton Steam Generator (Model BO-400 oil fired)





20mm Ammo Box’s We need 3 more!



Binocular Blinker

Binocular Blinker Tube -- Records indicate that LCIs had one set.

It may be attached to a binocular set.



Portable Hooded Flood Lantern

Portable Hooded Flood Lantern

We need at least one Portable Flood Lantern.  This was primarily used for damage control.  See Photo showing what it looked like


Smoke Generator Closeup fog oil

Smoke Generator and Fog Oil Drums



The galley stack for outside


Small Items:


Large flange face fuel valves (troop 2 for show)


Davit and good deck socket


1/4 radius deck mount mooring line guides for stern 'chock to windlass'


'T' type closures for sea chest


Round' type closers for ammo ready locker


Complete set of good signal flags


Galley flour bins (3)  under the table top for flour, sugar, rye, per the drawing.  (stainless steel)  They would be located on the forward half of what is now shelving (under the butcher block)


Pot hooks in galley, per the drawings


Condiment boxes (2)  for the food storeroom across from the ammunition magazine, per drawing


Install the spice rack (already in galley-add 3 'holding bars').  Do after stove and hood vent in place


Fan mount, steel frame and safety grill  above engine room to distribute heat inside to main deck (alcove under the tool display)


Additional shelf in the linen locker bottom to finish expansion of the display


Expanded metal doors for linen locker and foul weather gear locker


Printed Matter

We need examples of some of the printed matter that would have been found on board ship:

a.  Blank copies of standardized forms such as Muster Roll, pay receipts, speedletter, etc

b.  Training books for petty officer advancement such as quartermaster, coxswain, motor machinist, gunners mate, etc.

c.  Pocket Guides (such as those for Australia, New Guinea, Netherlands East Indies, New Caledonia, and Italy.

d.  Technical manuals/books such as:

1. "use of tools",

2. "fundamentals of electricity",

3. Webster's Collegiate Dictionary ('41-44 edition),

4. Dead Reckoning Guide,

5. Naval Courts & Boards

6. Recognition Manuals

7. Condensed Stock Catalogue 

8. Any period Navy Maps